Do you sell patient lifters?


Where can Omantec be used?


What are patient lifters used for?


Why aren’t lifters used more often with patients?


Why is the process of using Omantec preferable to the traditional method of rolling a patient from side to side?


Is Omantec covered by Medicare?


What is the weight limit for Omantec?


What is the cost of Omantec?

For home healthcare, a Omantec can be ordered here.

If you’re a professional healthcare facility and are interested in ordering, please contact us at 716-684-1676 or inquiries@s549135480.onlinehome.us for more information on our institutional product line.


Where is Omantec made?


How do I clean Omantec?


What if I have more questions?

Call 716-684-1676 or e-mail us at inquiries@s549135480.onlinehome.us

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